A Step Into 3D Design

The initial idea Since last year I have had access to a 3D printer. While it has been fun printing stuff from Thingiverse, I wanted to do some more with the machine. At the same time, it turned out we had a filament spool that didn't fit the holder on the 3D printer. So, I designed and printed a spool holder using Sketch-up.

The printer I can use is very bad at printing proper supports, so the holder was designed to be support-free. This meant that it must be split up into two pieces, that can lock in place. So I started creating a base. Some beveled edged are there to give it a little more character. I created a slot for the upright, which later I added a extra little structure to to make it more solid and less prone to flexing. The printer also had a habit af failing when it prints large flat surfaces, especially on the first layer, so I created a groove in the bottom to mitigate that (and save on plastic). The design of the base The design of the base

The upright is designed flat and with a tab that fits the slot on the base. An extra flange on the spool holder was meant to keep anything from falling off, but in retrospect, it is a little too small. The full model looks like this: The finished model

Finally, some shots of the printing process and the end result. If you like, you can download the STL-files in the sidebar.

Printing the base Printing the upright The fully printed model